Peter Dizikes: Writings on Science and Society


I am a staff writer for the Webby-Award winning publication MIT News, covering research across a number of disciplines at MIT, and a contributor to our related publication, Technology Review.

Prior to joining MIT News, I worked as an independent journalist, writing about science, technology, and intellectual life. My work has appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Seed, Slate, Salon, Nature online, Technology Review, and other publications. I have reported about research and new discoveries, written profiles of scientists and other thinkers, reported on political disputes over science, and reviewed books, films, and museum exhibits about science and cultural life.

I also write about formal science education, and have participated in science education projects. In 2007 I wrote an educator's guide to evolution, distributed to schools throughout the country, to accompany the critically acclaimed NOVA documentary "Judgment Day."

Previously, I worked as a reporter and writer for ABC News in New York. I wrote original pieces for I covered technology, science, business, and economics, spent a year reporting on campaign politics, and contributed to breaking news coverage for the network. Before that, I worked as an editor at Time Inc. New Media, in New York.

My undergraduate degree is from Columbia University in New York, where I studied the history of science. I have a master's degree in intellectual history from New York University. Contact me here



Don't Forget About the Outer Courts
The New York Times, August 25, 2013


Andrew Hearst


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